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Corner Self Groomer

Corner Self Groomer

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The Corner Self Groomer is a revolutionary product for cat owners who want to provide their feline friends with the ultimate massage experience. This unique wall sticker is specially designed to satisfy your cat's natural scratching instincts while also preventing damage or mess to your walls. You no longer have to worry about the dirt and destruction that inevitably comes with cats scratching your walls—the Corner Self Groomer has eliminated this problem by providing a safe and comfortable place that feels just like home.


Not only does this massager come with the benefit of keeping your walls clean, but it also offers a variety of features designed specifically for maximum comfort. With its self-adhesive design, the Corner Self Groomer easily attaches to any wall surface without leaving marks or sticking residue. And since it's made of ultra-soft, durable material, your fur baby will be in Heaven as they peacefully drift off into dreamland while getting an unbeatable massage. Plus, you can easily remove any hair that gets stuck on the wall using a vacuum cleaner!


Say goodbye to messy corners and tired cats, and hello to the Corner Self Groomer! Now your house will stay mess-free and your cat can finally get the perfect massage every day!


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