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  • The ultimate playtime pal for your furry friends. Get ready to unleash the fun as this magical ball rolls around on its own, bringing endless joy and entertainment to your beloved cats Watch their eyes widen with excitement as they chase, pounce and bat at this mesmerizing toy!
  • Unleash the excitement!
  • Charger included with toy
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Introducing the Spinball


• Automatic rolling mechanics: mimics the movement of prey with unpredictable patterns, bringing out your pets hunting instincts.

• Encourages exercise: Keep your pets healthy and active, burning off energy, while also eliminating boredom.

 • Interactive LED lights: Dynamic lighting that captures your furbaby's attention and keeps them hooked.

 • Durable and safe material: Designed to withstand your cat's biting, batting and pouncing.

• Rechargable battery: Comes with a built in battery that can be charged with a USB cable (included with toy).

Unleash the excitement! and let the Spinball bring pure delight into your cats life. It's a toy that combines fun, exercise and entertainment, creating unforgettable moments filled with laughter happiness . So, get ready to roll and give your furry friends the playtime adventure they deserve.


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